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I have been working on a project that took up a large amount of my time and now that project is slowing down. So I am hoping to contribute more to the site this year.

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The Technologizer has some early Polaroids of Apple Is..

You can see them on their article “Behold, Some of the First Apple Computer Photos Ever

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Craigslist What the heck? A Commodore Pet in Long Island

It’s bad enough he has the computer wrong, but $300?

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Hans Camenzind inventor of the 555 timer passed away


Hans R Camenzind the famous engineer who created the 555 Timer integrated Circuit passed away.

The EE Times has an article on it and you can read about it here:

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World Maker Faire New York Sept. 29 & 30, 2012


Again Maker Faire is coming back to New York and my friends from MARCH ( and I will be around to show off old computers and show off what makers are doing with vintage technology.

Maker Faire is an awesome show.If you like any aspect of technology, Maker Faire is for you. But Maker Faire is beyond just tech, they talk about crafts, wood work, metal work, 3D printing. You name it.

So if you can, please come by.

Note: this is being held in Queens at the New York Hall of Science.

For people who go by public transportation:

By Subway: Take 7 train to 111th Street Station. Walk three blocks south.

If you are coming by car here is a link for directions:

There is parking, so you can’t use that as an excuse not to come.

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Altair Serial # 992 on Ebay.



My friend Cameron Cooper is selling this fine Altair 8800.

Cameron is a fellow aficionado and I know he takes care of his equipment.
His blog of his collection is here: Cameron’s Closet.

He posted a video of the unit on you tube:

If you are in the market for an Altair, here is one to look at.

Link to the auction:

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Arstechnica shows us 35 years of Personal Computer Marketshare.

Jeremy Reimer from Arstechnica has an article on computer market share from the Altair to the IPad. It is an update to a previous article “Total share: 30 years of personal computer market share figures“.

Here is a link to the Article:



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Time Online posts nice article about the History of the TRS-80 for it’s 35th birthday

The TRS-80 Model 1 was released on Aug 3 1977 and Time Magazine’s Technologizer has a nice article of the History of the TRS-80.

Here is a link to the article:




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Sotheby’s sells Apple I for $374,500. Vintage computer collectors around the world faint

I actually thought I published this before, but I didn’t. Oh well I’m late but better late than never. A well documented and true original Apple I was sold at Sotheby’s for $374,500 by an unknown phone in bidder.

The reasons for such a high price are:

  • This is a well known board that was proven to be an original Apple I.
  • It works.
  • He has everything: Apple I motherboard, The Apple I Cassette Interface with Manual, The Original Apple-I Operation Manual, the Apple BASIC Users Manual and a Double-sided advertisement with illustration for Apple I Computer and the Apple Cassette Interface

If you don’t have $375,000 to spend and you want an Apple I you have two choices.

The Replica 1

Briel Computers has a replica that you can order as a kit for $149 or assembled for $199.

It doesn’t look like the original, but it functions like it and he has expansion boards like an I/O board and a compact flash storage card for the unit.

He also has replica kits for the following

If you want a more exact replica, you can get Mike Willegal’s Mimeo1

Mike Willegal put together a really nice Apple I kit for $666.66 the exact same price that the original Apple I was sold for. I myself have one and I know a few people who also own the kit. We have one displayed at the MARCH Vintage Computer Museum thanks to Corey Cohen.


Here is a link to Sotheby’s Webpage showing the Apple I that was sold.

Here is the Sotheby’s PDF on the Apple I that was sold.

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Someone in the U.S. still makes Floppy Disks

ATHANA International, is based out of California they manufacture 3.5″, 5.25″ and 8″ disks as well as Magnetic Tape and Data Cartridges.

I think it’s great that there are companies that still make media for our vintage computers

Thanks to the guys at Reddit’s Vintage Computing SubReddit for posting this.

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