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Xerox 820 on Long Island $75.00

Looks like someone is selling a Xerox 820 over in Long Island for $75.00 This person has the manuals and dust covers.. For $75 this is a good deal and if I had a car (and more room in my … Continue reading

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Two KIM-1s on Ebay

Two more KIM-1s this week.. Both of them are the later model Commodore/MOS KIM-1s but still these computers are highly sought after. Here is a link to the auction: Here is another Commodore KIM-1.. This one has manuals Here is a … Continue reading

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Sorry for the lag on the comments

I have been forced to personally approve all comments.. I cannot begin to tell you some of the stuff people post as comments.. The amount of adult links that people post is amazing. Again I apologize for late updates.

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Oct 25 1977, Happy Birthday VAX 11/780, the First VAX

When people talk about influential computers, they usually talk about the Apple I, the MITS ALTAIR,  the Lisa, and the IBM 5150. Most people forget the great old BIG IRON machines that really influenced the industry. Well some of us don’t forget … Continue reading

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A Commodore Super PET 9000 and a PET 2001 on Ebay

Bit o history: The Commodore PET (PET = Personal Electronic Transactor) was a computer designed by Chuck Peddle for Commodore Business machines. Chuck Peddle is known for being the designer of the MOS 6502 and the KIM-1. If it wasn’t … Continue reading

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Manx : An online catalogue of manuals for old computers

Manx is a a open source system for managing catalogs of technical documents. You can get the code yourself here from the site: “The system was created to handle the needs of the vintage computing community with respect to … Continue reading

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A brother from down under:

Terry Stewart from New Zealand recently posted an introduction to ClassicCMP and I just had to blog about his He has himself a nice collection Some of the computers he has listed: Ohio Scientific Challenger 1P, Apple II+, PET/CBM 3032, TRS 80 … Continue reading

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25 years ago the Nintendo Entertainment System was launched in the US

On Oct 18 1985 the Nintendo Entertainment System was launched in the United States and it brought back the U.S Video Game industry from the Video Game Crash of 1983. It’s funny but had Atari executives been on the ball, this would … Continue reading

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Xerox Alto nets $31,100.00

I know I am late with this, but the Xerox Alto I posted about on Ebay… After 22 bids from what looks like 22 bidders, It sold for $30,100.00 Here is the ebay link: I said it would … Continue reading

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What would Facebook be like in 1984

What would Facebook be like in 1984? Artist Mark Penney, thought about that and came up with a ASCII BBS look. I like the ASCII rendered picture on the left hand side. Now the real question is… What is the … Continue reading

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