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What is it? Kit Computer on Ebay

Does anyone know what this is? I have a sweet spot for homebrew and kit computers. I want it, but the cost of shipping alone is $170.00 Does anyone know what this is?

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Boxed Apple II on EBAY

This is a really nice looking Apple II on Ebay. Not an Apple II+. Not an Apple IIe. Not an Apple IIc. An original Apple II… Which have become quite collectible. I am tired of seeing “For Sale Apple II” only … Continue reading

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MacColby on EBAY

I have never seen one of these myself, but here is a MacColby Here is an early advertisement for this machine To make a long story short an inventor by the name Chuck Colby had and electronics company by the … Continue reading

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Christie’s of London to auction Apple 1 for $174,000.00

If you remember we spoke about Christie’s of London to auction an Apple 1 for $241,000.00, well they didn’t get that much they got £110,000 or $174,000.00 Here is a link to BBC where they show the results of the … Continue reading

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PolyMorphic Systems Poly 88 on Ebay

OMG a PolyMorphic Systems Poly 88 The dam things just got it’s first bid at $950.00 The Poly 88 is a S-100 based system just like the Altair & IMSAI 8080. You don’t really see to many of these.  They … Continue reading

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Technologizer: The ones that didn’t make it windows failed rivals

The website technologizer had a decent article about the GUI interfaces that competed against Windows on the PC platform. It’s an interesting read.

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A Dynabyte 5100 on Ebay

I don’t see to many of these. This is a nice Dynabyte 5100 I thought $200 was low until I saw the following: It’s just the main chassis, there are no cards, no drives $120 shipping fee. (which in a … Continue reading

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Commodore KIM-1 on EBAY

Another Commodore KIM-1..  I have been seeing a lot of these lately. The guy is asking a lot for a first bid.. $250 minimum. Even though it’s a Commodore one and not a MOS one, I think someone will bid … Continue reading

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Chip-8 Emulator for Half Life

I am starting to see a trend here… In a previous post we saw can play Zork in Call of Duty Black Ops. Now someone wrote a Chip-8 emulator for Half Life. I’m a fan of Joseph Weisbecker so I … Continue reading

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The Mark 8 page. Rescuing a website

In the vintage collectors world we have a term called rescuing. This is where we save a vintage computer from being tossed in the trash or being destroyed. In this case it’s not a vintage computer, but a webpage about a vintage … Continue reading

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