The Mark 8 page. Rescuing a website

In the vintage collectors world we have a term called rescuing.

This is where we save a vintage computer from being tossed in the trash or being destroyed.

In this case it’s not a vintage computer, but a webpage about a vintage computer.

There was a wonderful webpage created by Andrew Davie about the Mark-8. It was written with the help of Jon Titus himself and it documented the creation of the Mark-8. For whatever reason the site was taken down and I found it in the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.

It bothered me that such a great website disappear like that, so I posed the question “Would such a site be worth rescuing?”. I mean we rescue vintage computers, why not websites about them.

I posted this question to my computer group MARCH “The Mid Atlantic Retro Computer Hobbyists”.  Luckily the vintage computer world is a small one. The President of MARCH Evan Koblentz sent a few e-mails and I got permission from both Jon Titus and Andrew Davie. I then got the original HTML files in an e-mail.

I’m very proud to be able to host this page.

Many thanks go out.:

Thanks to Jon Titus and Andrew Davie for the permission to host this page.

Thanks to Evan Koblentz for helping get permission.

The Mark-8 Mini Computer:

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  1. Congratulations! I remember this web page too – excellent. Keep up the great work / blog too.

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