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Preliminary Rules and Regulations about Vintage Computer Festival East 7.0

I just received some preliminary information about VCF East for people who want to exhibit at the show. Please note that this is PRELIMINARY and some things may change. Please check the following webpages for updates. I will … Continue reading

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Vintage Computer Festival East 7 Coming soon

So East Coast Version of the Vintage Computer Festival is coming. The even will be held May 14 & 15 2001, so please mark you calendars. The event is brought to you by: Sellam Ismail from And the members of MARCH. … Continue reading

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One man’s amusing look at the Commodore 64X

I was supposed to write about the Commodore 64x but with the holidays I really haven’t had a chance to. In a nutshell they good a modern PC motherboard and stuck it in a C64 case. Now you can go … Continue reading

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Bob Bishop, Apple R&D co-founder, Keynote at KansasFest

Kansas Fest is the only convention that is dedicated to the Apple II series of computers and the Apple II Community. They have been doing this since…………1989 This convention is a lot more than just a bunch of guys hanging … Continue reading

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Apple Lisa 1 sold for $15,000.00

What a great looking Apple Lisa 1 The man who sold this took a lot of great pictures. Check out some of them here: There are many more images on the ebay page. Too bad I didn’t catch this before … Continue reading

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Computer Photo Gallery, Maybe.

Some of you that know me know that I am not only into computers, but into photography and that I like to take pictures of vintage computers. The photo for the website was taken by me back at a VCF … Continue reading

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The wooden Atari 800

Sooooooooo…….. Someone took an Atari 800 and made a wooden enclosure. It’s interesting There has to be a story behind this, problem is no one knows the story. I would say a person who really collects Ataris will be into … Continue reading

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Kim-1 On Ebay

Another Commodore KIM-1..  . Right now the bid is at $151.00.. I expect the $250 to $300 range.. These are very collectible. The KIM-1 was developed by Chuck Peddle. His engineering team designed the 6502 CPU, and Chuck designed the KIM-1 to get engineers … Continue reading

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A Retro-computing Xmas Tree

I thought this was kinda cute…. I just had to post this. A Retro-computing Xmas Tree

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Vintage Computer & Console Christmas Commercials

Atari 2600 ET Commercial 1982 Atari 2600/5200 Christmas Commercial Radio Shack Color Computer II Commercial 1985 Tandy 1000 computer Christmas commercial Radio Shack Color Computer 3 Christmas Commercial This is an Apple Macintosh Commercial showing how hard it is to … Continue reading

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