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The Art of Video Games Exhibit at the Smithsonian American Art Museum

FINALLY someone recognizing that video games are an art form! The Smithsonian American Art Museum is currently putting together a show on “The Art of Video Games” They have a site to vote for games to put in the show: From the … Continue reading

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How to make money on vintage computers

This has to be the number one question I get.. “How do you make money of vintage computers?” My response, “When you figure it out, call me.” The rule of thumb is you buy low and sell high. I buy … Continue reading

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65 Years ago The ENIAC was introduced.

Can you believe it? 65 Years ago the ENIAC was announced and made the front page of the New York Times Image from : On Feb 14 1946 The ENIAC Computer was announced to the world. The Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer … Continue reading

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Maximum PC lists the 25 Most important PCs in history

Maximum PC has compiled a list of the 25 Most important PCs in history. I am not going to debate their list, to each their own. I agree with most of their choices. Take a look at the list and … Continue reading

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The Castle Wolfenstein Cover Art Painting on EBAY

The seller is claiming that this is the original cover art painting. I myself would like this. I played Castle Wolfenstein and this would look great on my wall. I wonder how many other cover art paintings are out there … Continue reading

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On Feb 6 2011 Kenneth Olsen, co-founder of Digital Equipment Corp passed away.

MANY MANY Thanks to Brian Schenkenberger VAX/VMS & DEC Guru of TMESIS Software for informing me and others. Kenneth Olsen, co-founder of Digital Equipment Corp. (DEC) passed away on Feb 06 2011, at 84 years of age CNET has a … Continue reading

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In sickness and in health

Sorry about the lack of updates… under the weather…  I will post soon.

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