More Cap Busting! Thank you Mr. Cooper

So one of my readers and fellow aficionado/blogger Cameron Cooper saw my post about the capacitor I blew up in my Heathkit H-17. So he wrote to me this wonderful e-mail.


I recently had a similar experience with an Altair 8800b. When I first
got the machine I disconnected the power supply to check the voltages.
When everything checked out, I reconnected everything and flipped the switch to a loud POP and smoke billowing out from the front panel. Sometimes there’s nothing you can do to prevent the smoke from getting out :)


I want to thank Cameron for the story and for the photo.

Cameron Cooper is a big time vintage computer aficionado.

If you check out his blog Cameron’s Closet you can see the Apple I Replica he made with an original White MOS 6502 CPU.


He also has an original Apple II Serial # 133

The man even went as so far to source the original ceramic DRAMs for his restoration of this Apple II.

Talk about dedication.. I have to say, I highly recommend checking out his blog.

Again Mr. Cooper.. Thank you for the story and thank you for your blog. I hope to see more updates soon.

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