Bustin Caps! The SGI Personal Iris

So my friend has a SGI Personal Iris 4D/20 in his house

SGI Personal Iris 4D/20

We were trying to make it work for the upcoming Vintage Computer Fest East .

This is the actual box from my friend’s website: www.obsolyte.com/sgi_iris/

It’s a rather cool looking machine..

Anyway, we plugged it in and turned it on.

After the initial pop we saw bright red coming out from inside the machine and with that lots of smoke.. Crap! we didn’t know if we had a short or busted a capacitor. Needless to say the machine was on fire and we had to put it out before it caused more damage.

After unplugging it and everything we found that we indeed busted a cap.

Burnt Capacitor in SGI 4D/20


Here is the same image with an arrow pointing out the capacitor.

Burnt Capacitor in SGI 4D/20

The capacitor caught on fire.

Notice the white interface below the capacitor. There is one above it as well, but it is black from the fire.

The bad part is the capacitor is so burnt, we don’t know what size to replace it with.

Well this machine may not make it this year… I may bring it just as a prop and run demos on the other machines..

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