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Altair Serial # 992 on Ebay.

    My friend Cameron Cooper is selling this fine Altair 8800. Cameron is a fellow aficionado and I know he takes care of his equipment. His blog of his collection is here: Cameron’s Closet. He posted a video of the … Continue reading

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This is a first for me.. I have never seen one of these before…. ever. if you are a RCA Cosmac collector, then this is a nice find. The pictures really do not do this thing justice.. I want to … Continue reading

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Amazingly cool IBM 1401 Scale Model on Ebay

This is really really cool.. This is a scale model of the IBM 1401 This thing is amazing….  Look at the detail. I know this is not a vintage computer, but this model is just too amazing not to post. … Continue reading

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Gold Commodore 64 on German EBAY

As I watch this auction the song I have a golden ticket keeps going through my mind. To celebrate the one millionth Commodore 64 sold Commodore created a number of “gold” C64s. These are VERY rare, are they $10,000.00 rare? Here … Continue reading

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California Computer Systems 2200 on Ebay

Here is another computer you don’t see too often a California Computer Systems 2200. Thanks to for having info on this particular computer. S-100 Aficionado Herb Johnson owner of has a good article on the history of California … Continue reading

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Two Apple Lisas computers on Ebay

Every so often I see something I never see before and in this case it’s two Apple Lisas First the Lisa I. This thing looks to be in good condition but doesn’t boot. Still it is highly sought after The … Continue reading

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Apple Lisa 1 sold for $15,000.00

What a great looking Apple Lisa 1 The man who sold this took a lot of great pictures. Check out some of them here: There are many more images on the ebay page. Too bad I didn’t catch this before … Continue reading

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The wooden Atari 800

Sooooooooo…….. Someone took an Atari 800 and made a wooden enclosure. It’s interesting There has to be a story behind this, problem is no one knows the story. I would say a person who really collects Ataris will be into … Continue reading

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Best WTH? Vintage Computer Auction ever on Ebay

I apologize that this is in two images.. I had to do two screen captures. So basically, this guys wants $5000.00 for a computer but!!! He doesn’t know what computer it is He doe not have any pictures of it. There … Continue reading

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Altair being sold on Ebay by one of our readers

One of our readers from Germany is selling an Altair.. He has a lot of really nice pics, I mean a LOT of pictures.. I would like them just for great documentation. Problem is I cannot read German. If you want … Continue reading

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