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Craigslist What the heck? A Commodore Pet in Long Island

It’s bad enough he has the computer wrong, but $300?

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August 12 2011, The IBM 5150 is now 30..

30 years ago at the Waldorf Astoria in NYC, IBM lifted the cloak on “Project Chess” and the computer world as we knew it changed forever. IBM’s 1981 Marketing Video from CNET Networks article “How IBM’s 5150 PC shaped the … Continue reading

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Amusing Craigslist July 15 2011..

      I see a lot of these and I find them amusing. Both ads are from the same seller. I’m sorry but asking over $1000 for a thinkpad is way too much I just have no idea where … Continue reading

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IBM is 100

IBM is 100 today and the Web is all a buzz about it. PC WORLD CNN USA Today The Atlantic. They have a great time line of the First 100 Years Reuters Here is a link to IBM’s Official 100 Year Website Here … Continue reading

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Amazingly cool IBM 1401 Scale Model on Ebay

This is really really cool.. This is a scale model of the IBM 1401 This thing is amazing….  Look at the detail. I know this is not a vintage computer, but this model is just too amazing not to post. … Continue reading

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