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Lee Felsenstein is coming to InfoAge in NJ on July 1st 2012

Lee Felsenstein will be visiting the MidAtlantic Retro Computing Hobbyists over at the Infoage Science History Museum and Learning Center in NJ on Sunday July 1st 2012 around 10:30am. He will be giving a small lecture and hopefully answer some questions. Lee Felsenstein is … Continue reading

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New York Times.. How does the Kaypro compare to the Osborne

  Here is a great New York Times article from 1983 comparing the Kaypro Computer to the Osborne. There is a link to the article: PERSONAL COMPUTERS; HOW DOES THE KAYPRO COMPARE WITH OSBORNE?             … Continue reading

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April 03 2011 30 Years of the Osborne I

I know I am late, but April 3 was the 30th Birthday of the Osborne 1 “The Osborne 1 was the first commercially successful portable luggable microcomputer” At 23.5 lbs (only 7.7 lbs more than a Macintosh Portable) it was … Continue reading

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